Best 2 Ton Floor Jack Weighing Under 25 Pounds

Powerzone 380033 Steel Floor Jack

The Powerzone 380033 floor jack weighs in at only 19 pounds but still receives decent reviews. The jack has a maximum lifting capacity of 2 tons, or 4,000 lbs and is made out of steel. With a maximum lifting height of only 13 inches I wouldn’t recommend this jack for a SUV owner, but it will work fine for a small passenger car. The jack is 17 inches in length (front to back), 5 inches in width (wheel to wheel), 5 1/4 inches in height when fully lowered (bottom of wheel to top of saddle). The handle is removable making storing it quite easy.

One of the primary complaints about this floor jack is that the release valve is touchy and tends to lower the vehicle rapidly if you don’t concentrate on how much you turn the valve.

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