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The Powerzone 380044 floor jack is one of the best selling jacks made. Even though its manufactured in China, this floor jack is extremely well made giving it nearly 380 5-star ratings. The Powerzone 380044 is made out of both steel and aluminum giving you both strength and portability. The steel lifting arm give the strength needed to lift vehicles weighting up to 3 tons (6,000 pounds) while the aluminum frame helps to keep the overall weight down. This is one of the few 3 ton floor jacks weighing less than 65 pounds. Even though it is not a low profile design, the 4 inch minimum height is nothing to be ashamed of. Jack owners have reported being able to lift lowered Chevrolet Corvettes without any issues.

Powerzone 380044 3 Ton Aluminum and Steel Garage JackWhat the 380044 lacks in minimum height it more than makes up in lifting range. The Powerzone 380044 has a total lifting range of 14-1/4 inches which allows it to lift a vehicle up to 18-1/4″ off the ground. It also boasts a dual-cylinder quick lifting hydraulic system that saves both time and effort when lifting loads. The Hydraulic system is equipped with a safety valve to prevent damage from overloading.

The unloaded saddle can lifted to the maximum height of 18-1/4″ with only 6 full strokes of the jack handle. The saddle has a rubber pad so that the underside of your vehicle is not damaged when lifting. The jack handle is a two piece handle and the lower piece is covered in a thick black foam so that you don’t damage your vehicle by accidental contact while pumping. All of the wheels are made out of steel. The front wheels are fixed and the rear wheels are caster-type wheels that swivel 360 degrees making the jack easy to position and roll around. To make carrying this floor jack easier, the manufacturer included a handle on each side of the body.

All-in-all, the 3 ton capacity Powerzone 380044 floor jack is an excellent jack for the money and would be a great addition to any home garage.



  • Max Lifting Capacity – 3 tons (6,000 pounds)
  • Min Lift Height – 4″
  • Max Lift Height – 18-1/4″
  • Weight – 59.2 pounds


  • Both Steel and Aluminum Contruction
  • Dual Cylinder Quick Lift System
  • Rubber Padded Saddle
  • Foam Covered Handle
  • Safety Valve To Prevent Overloading
  • Swiveling Rear Wheels
  • Handles on both side for easy carrying

Video: Unboxing of the Powerzone 380044 3 Ton Steel/Aluminum Floor Jack


One thought on “Powerzone 380044 – 3 Ton Floor Jack

  1. I had looked for several months for a power house jack.. This thing does a great job!!
    I had 2 other cheap jacks. I spent more time trying to get them to jack up in cold weather. This jack has no issues in cold weather. Make sure u bleed this as instructed.

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