Jack Stands Buying Guide


Don’t Forget the Jack Stands – Doing so could Kill You

One safety issue that cannot be overstated is that hydraulic floor jacks are lifting devices, not supporting devices. You should never work under or around a lifted vehicle that is only supported by a hydraulic jack. There should always be a structural support in place, such as a jack stand, prior to beginning maintenance or repair work. This is one of the reasons that vehicles come with a mechanical jack in the roadside assistance kit, and not a hydraulic one. Although mechanical jacks require more effort to raise and lower the vehicle, they’re designed to also act as a structural support with an extremely low likelihood of failure. The same can’t be said about hydraulic jacks. They can and do fail — and when they do it happens fast and without warning. Let me repeat — DO NOT WORK UNDER A VEHICLE THAT IS SUPPORTED ONLY BY A HYDRAULIC JACK.

As we stated in our Safe Lifting Guide, using jacks stands to support a vehicle after it has been lifted is critical to creating a safe working environment. When buying a pair of jack stands, it’s important to make sure that the rated maximum capacity of the jack stands is greater than or equal to the maximum capacity of your floor jack. We also suggest that you buy 2 pairs of jack stands if you ever plan on doing extensive work to a vehicle such as a restoration. The table below gives a comparison of the more popular jack stands on the market along with a few characteristics. Nearly all jack stands made by reputable manufacturers will have an adequate base area to provide stable support when supporting a vehicle. However, the larger the base area, the more secure the floor jack will be.


Top 10 Jack Stand Comparison Chart

Note: On small screens the table is scrollable (left & right).

ModelImageMaterialCapacityMin HeightMax HeightPrice Rating 
Torin T43002A

Steel3 tons11.5"16.0"304.4
Torin T42002

Steel2 tons11.25"16.75"204.4
Torin T46002

Steel6 tons15.75"23.875"504.7
Powerzone 380035

Steel2 tons10.375"16.375"304.6
Powerzone 380036

Steel3 tons11.0"16.5"354.8
Powerzone 380037

Steel6 tons15.0"23.5"574.7
Torin T43004

Alum3 tons10.75"15.628"614.8
Hein-Werner HW93503

Steel3 tons12.125"19.0"804.6
Hein-Werner HW93506

Steel6 tons16.25"25.75"1284.7
OTC 1582

Alum2 tons10.25"15.25"804

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