Why Does My Car Pull To One Side When Braking?

This post covers a pull to one side when applying the brakes. Please see this post if you are experiencing a pull to one side when driving at a steady speed.

All modern braking system work by creating friction between brake pads and/or shoes and a metal surface, either a drum (drum brakes) or a rotor (disc brakes). Some vehicles use a combination of disc and drum brakes, and others use only disc brakes. When a combination of braking systems is used, the front brakes are always disc brakes. The clamping force that creates this friction is applied by a hydraulic system that starts with the application of the brake pedal and ends at the wheel assembly. (more…)

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Do I need a Wheel Alignment?

This is a question that you should ask yourself about every fourth oil change or two to three times a year. Driving a car without the wheels aligned properly can dramatically reduce the life of your tires as well as invalidate any mileage warranty associated with them.

So what exactly is a wheel alignment? The long answer to this question is quite complex and deals with fancy terminology like steering angle of inclination, scrub radius, toe and camber. I will spare you the details and get right down to it. (more…)

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